Sucess Stories

For those who don’t know me, my name is Allie. I have been a part of CECMD since its opening, and it is still a huge part of my life in today– nearly 20 years later! I started this program at age 4, learning how to walk independently, without the support of anyone or anything. After that summer, I left the program temporarily, but came back in 2003, after undergoing a major leg/hip surgery. I had to re-learn how to weight bare on my legs, as well strengthen my legs & hips after they were in 2 casts for so long. Then in 2010, I had the opportunity to become a volunteer at CE. I was able to work on more progression myself, as well as “demonstrate” the tasks for the current students. I continued this role until 2013, where it was decided to split my duties: I would still help the students, but I would also work on my own therapy, which I would continue this “split duties” thing until the summer of 2015.

In 2015, I started to help the current with their therapy as much as possible. But I do have limitations, so it wasn’t to the fullest extent of the aides, but I did the best I could.

This past summer, I had the opportunity to step up my game and I devoted myself to assisting the students with therapy, as well as other things. It was the happiest I have been, being able to do that. At this point, I was not really doing much major therapy, but I was just learning how to help the children, in that way, I was still learning to use my right hand more and more, so I guess you could call that therapy, right? 🙂

In the future, I hope to keep up this current job, and one day, to be able to help the students in every aspect of the day, not just the stretching, messages, and the putting and and taking off of their braces, I hope to get to that stage soon.