Welcome to the Conductive Education Center of Metro Detroit (CECMD)

Let me tell you how Conductive Education Center of Metro Detroit came to be what it is today. The founding parents of CECMD began this process in June of 1999, after participating in a 5 week research study at Oakland University. They found that each of their children benefited greatly from this type of therapy. Something they hadn’t seen before. It was at that point that they decided they could not abandon the concept of Conductive Education. They refused to let the medical insurance companies dictate the amount of therapy their children would receive. As a result, these aggressive parents formed the Conductive Education Center of Metro Detroit. The children that are greatly benefiting from the CE program are afflicted with Cerebral Palsy and other motor impairments. They have all made great strides and continue to do so.

How does the CE program differ from that of typical therapies you ask?

One of the things that sets Conductive Education apart from traditional therapy programs, is that it takes place in a group setting. It allows the children who deal with the same types of challenges to work and share their successes. The children like to cheer each other on, which in turn pushes that child to repeat what they just did since they received so much praise from their peers. Rhythmical Intention is also important and is something else that sets us apart from typical therapy programs. The conductor pairs rhythm with movement and is typically done with music.

We say it a lot: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat… it helps everyone!

For those that are new to the term ‘Conductor’ as stated above, the explanation is simple: they are specially trained licensed teachers. They are trained in OT, PT and Speech. The conductor carries out the principles of the CE program, it links speech, thought and movement together for the child—allowing them to focus and internalize movement.

Where is our center today? Since 1999, CECMD has been operating out of the Utica School District. However, 43341 Schoenherr Rd, Sterling Heights, Michigan, 48313, is now the place that we call “home”. The staff is welcoming and warm, the location is perfect, and the open arms are inspiring.

We offer yearly summer boot camps that run from the end of June, until the end of August. Our summer program runs Monday through Friday, for 6 hours per day. Our program helps the children with their fine & gross motor skills, standing, sitting, and just learning independent skills, such as self- feeding and personal care. 

At the present time, all funding has come from private donations and various fundraisers.  All fundraising activities have been coordinated through the core group of parents and board members. Our program is unique, because we provide no  cost to the families, as a result of successful fundraising, and generous community support.

We appreciate all  the support received by family, friends and the community since day one. On behalf of CECMD and the kids, we would like to thank you for your interest in our organization.